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The History Of

Saint Paul Church Of God In Christ


On October 26, 1952, Elder William H. Hudson founded the Saint Paul Church of God in Christ, located at 1736 north 3rd street. Along with his wife, Mother Virginia Hudson and their 5 children, Pastor Hudson established one of the longest tenured ministries in the city of Milwaukee. (The church’s first transportation was a junk truck owned by one of the members until God blessed Elder Hudson with a used car) Mother Hudson was the “door watcher” of the church, praying for souls to walk through the door, while Elder Hudson preached to his family as if he had a full church. As Elder Hudson proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ, the congregation of Saint Paul Church continued to ascend to higher heights. Therefore in 1953, to accommodate the constant growth and vision, the church relocated to 2360 north 6th street. With hard work and dedication, the new facility was renovated and maximized for the work of the ministry.


As result of God’s grace and his extension of favor on the lives of the establishmentarians of this ministry, many were introduced to the life changing power of the Gospel; thereby invoking the inquisitive nature of man and woman alike to ask the question as it is documented in the word of god according to acts 16:30, “what must i do to be saved?”


Two years later, in 1954, Saint Paul Church relocated to 15th and Juneau streets. Two more years of effective ministry were accomplished in that location and yet another edifice was acquired in 1956 at 2479 north 15th street. This would be the last sanctuary that Elder and Mother Hudson would grace their worship in. (by 1965, the church had grown to over 60 members, with 7 preachers serving with Elder Hudson, who would rotate the preaching each Sunday night so all would have an opportunity to proclaim the word of the lord)


After the transition from earth to glory of our great leader, Superintendent W.H. Hudson, his grandson, Elder Gary Howard answered the call and was installed in 1997 as the Pastor of Saint Paul Church of God in Christ. Being led by the Holy Spirit, Elder Howard embraced the vision of his grandfather and the vision the Lord had given to him. In 2005, 49 years after Saint Paul’s 3rd church, we were blessed with yet another building large enough to expand the ministry at our current location of 2661 North 53rd Street. Many ministries were established under the leadership of Pastor Howard and we celebrate his contribution to the Saint Paul church.


Upon Pastor Howard’s retirement in 2009, one of the most dynamic and progressive leaders in the body of Christ internationally, the Right Reverend and present General Board Member, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels – took the helm of Saint Paul Church of God in Christ in an effort to preserve and stabilize the work that was established over fifty years prior.


2 years of ministry later, Bishop Daniels was led to appoint Elder Walter L. Fields, Jr. as the interim Pastor of Saint Paul Church in October of 2011. Pastor Fields entered with excitement, enthusiasm, and a commitment to maintain the heritage and legacy of the founders, Superintendent W.H. Hudson and Supervisor Virginia Hudson. With a vision that encompasses a restorative ministry to those whom are ill, brokenhearted, hurt, homeless, incarcerated and counted out, Pastor Fields aggressively attacks the most pertinent needs in the community that Saint Paul is fixated. In January 2012, Pastor Walter L. Fields, Jr. was appointed as the official Pastor of the Saint Paul Church of God in Christ, his own dynamic servant leadership recognized later that year upon his elevation to the office of Superintendent of the midway district churches until 2019, when he was appointed Superintendent of the newly re-established Calvary District Churches of God in Christ, both within the Wisconsin First Jurisdiction.



Now 2020, over 68 years later – Saint Paul Church of God in Christ are embracing our future as a ministry prepared for this day and time to minister to the hearts of this generation, and it’s only God’s grace that we are celebrating the effective ministry placed in the heart of Superintendent Hudson over 65 years ago. Though many dangers, toils and snares we have already come; but it was grace that brought us safe this far and grace will lead us on.


Psalm 100:1-5


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